Posted by: kassandrahardy | January 27, 2011

Channeling Energy

Channel Islands National Park

Where do people who work in places that everyone else vacations in get away to? Well, to other national parks, of course! With a four day weekend encroaching, my new friend George and I decided that we had to get away from everyone else’s getaway. We thought about a trek to Switzerland – and then Joshua Tree, Vegas, Redwood…and then we looked at the expected weekend weather.

Ultimate Relaxation

Neither of us had even thought about visiting the islands that lie off the coast of Santa Barbara,  Channel Islands National Park. We weaved in and out with the contours of vineyards, lemon fields, and avocado farms – and finally dropped to the Pacific coast. Our faces, cheery to see the warming sun, melded with the fields of strawberries that, like our spirits at the time, grew robust with the nearness of the vast water.

Day 2 of our last minute trip began with a lazy morning on the beach. I’m generally not interested in sitting on sand, but this felt so right. Vitamin D was radiating through my body while the moving water kept my mind occupied. The frequent surge of waves hypnotized me to the state of repose. Ultimate relaxation – what most people seek on their vacation, but perhaps a behavior we should seek on a daily basis.

Transitioning to a new place causes stress – there ya have it. So, here’s my most recent top 5 ways that I am learning to escape stress:

1. Go on a last minute road trip with a new friend.

2. Try a new perfume (yep, perfume.)

3. Investigate Peace Corps opportunities.

4. Eat food that you normally don’t eat – for me, it’s been Cheerios…every morning.

5. Purchase a plane ticket to Europe for your next holiday from work.



  1. Love the 5 steps Kass. Thinking of you today on my ski around Jewel Basin. Wishing you well in your adventures and so glad you’re still keeping us up to date with your life’s adventures. Be happy girl.

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